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Bar Harbor Cheesecake Company, revives the rich history of a dessert that champions the title of “original wedding cake.” With each flavor of Cheesecake, comes a spectrum ranging from simple sophistication to purely tasteful creativity. Regardless of the occasion, one bite of these delights is a guaranteed rich experience of weightlessly, blissful enjoyment. Therefore, our cheesecakes are made with very little sugar, high sources of protein and natural ingredients. We never add preservatives to our cheesecakes, but simply add natural ingredients and place each one carefully in the freezer for guaranteed freshness and preservation.

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The BHCCC in its truest essence is one family with a passion for sharing love with its community. We are dedicated to contributing to the betterment of the body and the Spirit. Excellence is a requirement in all the products that we bring forth and every cheesecake is made with love and laughter. We plan to expand day to day and share our love for the sweeter side of life with anyone willing to take a leap into the Eastern Sea of Bar Harbor's Cheesecake Company.

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Our sales team is waiting for you! Simply call us with any inquires on becoming a vender of our product or to find the closest business carrying our goods. 

Bar Harbor Cheesecake Partners

Testimonies Bakery

Located in little Avilla,IN on East Albion Street. Testimonies is home of the Peachy Keen Cheesecake, a lemon and peach combination. 

Testimonies Site

We carry DeBrands Gourmet Chocolates!

 Gourmet chocolatier featuring boxed chocolates, specialty artisan chocolates, chocolate truffles, chocolate art boxes, made in Indiana.

Debrands Site

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Bar Harbor Cheesecake Company

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